Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Understanding the New Holocaust in the USA Today

Understanding the New Holocaust in the USA Today: Illegally abducting, separating, and detaining families = Hitler > President Trump + Concentration Camps > Detention Centers (/ current Vice President with direct Nazi affiliation); And don't forget that German Survivors of the Previous Nazi Holocaust WARNED EVERYONE that the USA was headed this way back when Former President Bush Jr. got the 'Patriot Act' permanently established and thereby negated the Constitution (and thus technically the national sovereignty) of the USA. WWII began with the insidious Nazi takeover of Germany. WWIII has begun with the Trump Administration's insidious takeover of the USA. Wake Up!

Quick Medical Update

Quick Medical Update: Yesterday morning I called in as instructed, and then was called back yesterday afternoon. I have an appointment this coming Friday morning to go in and discuss where things are at with my belly, probably get another exam, and get the imaging set up (hopefully CT with dye instead of ultrasound).

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Reading on the Next Few Weeks

Dark > New Moon occurs in Gemini (the current Sun transit) today at about 1:45pm NOLA time. Mercury began its transit of Cancer yesterday. Venus begins its transit of Leo tomorrow. Themes of connection, communication, and great ideas are now nesting in comfort and intimacy in order to develop through a period warmed by love, loyalty, generosity, expressive beauty, and high esteem. Mars is still early on in its transit of Aquarius, providing this creative process with individuality, determination, and clever new or unusual strategies for making progress. Jupiter is currently centered in Scorpio, so the context for this process is an all in commitment to deeply rooted transformation that demands real courage and studious problem solving. With Saturn currently completing the first sixth of its transit through Capricorn, this process is clearly gestational and will inevitably manifest over time later on in tangible forms that fortify the foundation for significant life changes of every kind.
My Coffee and Tarot Card this morning reads "Page of Wands: The essence of fire behaving as earth, such as kindling or coal. New or Renewed Passion. An Adventurous Catalyst. Enthusiasm, Imagination, and Courage as Fuel." indicating that Venus transiting Leo will set the primary tone of this process for me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Great News!

My health insurance case manager is a hero! There was a point yesterday morning at which things looked so bad as to me being illegally denied health insurance of ANY type available in the USA by both state and federal agencies while my daughter would still potentially get penalized next tax season! FORTUNATELY that has been overcome. I DO still qualify to continue with my current health insurance rather than have it stop at the end of this month. She was able to completely reprocess my annual renewal application and everything is going to be ok now. I also know how to prevent this issue from coming up again in the future. Yaaayyyy!!! I am extremely grateful for this!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

How Working Poor Family Members Are Being Penalized For Trying To Take Care Of Their Own

My Daughter and I have canceled our two day getaway together. I have received written notice via postal service that I will be cut off of my state provided health insurance at the end of this month because, even though I have no income whatsoever, my Daughter's income is being counted against me because she lets me live with her. My Daughter is a public elementary school teacher, so her income is actually pretty low to begin with, and a big part of what has made our living arrangement financially manageable so far is that I'm cheaper than the two cats to support lol My Daughter has claimed me as a dependent for her taxes, but even if she hadn't, me being cut off of my health insurance would still be happening right now simply because she CAN claim me as a dependent whether she does so or not. Furthermore, we are required to get me on health insurance she would have to pay for or else SHE is the one who will be penalized when she files her taxes next year. Open Enrollment for health insurance starts this coming Friday, June 15th. It ends on July 31st. Monday, June 18th, when both of my Doctors will be available again, I will be checking in about getting that imaging done on my belly asap while I still have my current coverage through the end of this month so we can at least know what is going on with my ovarian cysts as well as my GI tract at that point. I am going to request that we go ahead with the CT scan with dye option (instead of ultrasound) if still possible for many reasons. However, any medical procedures or treatment we might consider beyond the end of this month will have to wait until I am on the cheapest legit health insurance that my Doctors accept and then gets approved by such insurance. That will only come to pass IF we can find something affordable. I will NOT allow my Daughter to be penalized for trying to help me. The only reason I have felt that our living arrangement is financially manageable in the first place is because I have been able to take care of all the cooking, cleaning, cat care, errands, etc 95% of the time, which has definitely outweighed any of the minor cost of having me around for my Daughter who hates housework, grocery shopping, etc especially on top of her busy work schedule as a school teacher. If paying for my health insurance isn't financially feasible, then I will NOT keep my Daughter stuck in a position of being penalized for trying to help me. I would rather be homeless than be anymore of a burden to her than I already have been. Period.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Just On Pause

I am not posting much right now while I am taking extra special care of my body and soul. However, it's looking like I'll probably have quite a bit of fun happy stuff to post in the not too terribly distant future. In the meantime, Peace 'n' Bliss, Everyone!

Monday, June 4, 2018

My Medical Progress

My prescribed Lactulose clean out kicked in painlessly yesterday morning, for which I am very grateful. I will not need to call in this morning for a CT scan to determine an urgent procedure course. From here I will continue to clean out and recover, carry on long term with a predominantly liquid vegetarian diet (with dairy inclusion), add the Polyethylene Glycol to Prune Juice twice a day for awhile, and reconnect with my two physicians in a couple weeks to set up an Ultrasound for evaluating my ovarian cysts and to check on my gi tract. My torso size is remarkably reduced and reshaped already, and I am steadily feeling a lot better. It seems like these two physicians are able and willing to help me manage better in general, and that over the course of this Summer with their help I could potentially reclaim a level of health and fitness similar to what I had during my peak solo success in October 2016, despite how my nerve pain, coordination issues, etc. have worsened since March 2017.