Friday, March 31, 2017

Before the Dawn

I was just outside at 6am to check my mailbox because I'd forgotten to last night. The sky is a bluish-black, thick and calm. The air is tingling with cool and damp like an invisible mist subliminally charged with electricity. It is so refreshing, this darkness before the dawn, a moment of peaceful vitality before things must actually begin.

Monday, March 27, 2017

I'd give everything I've got ...

I often think that the cause of a crisis can reveal a sort of cure or at least a path toward a better way. When contemplating rampant child abuse in addition to the ongoing education crisis now under ever worsening political threat right along with environmental sciences and even the National Park System, I keep visualizing a beautiful and deeply karmic resolution to all that: a wilderness refuge in which abused and abandoned children can work with anxiety specialists for their PTSD (one of the greatest blessings I've ever received) while enjoying a well rounded education through applied learning (which is inherently practical, creative, and esteem building) with caring competent teachers within a safe healthy beautiful Natural environment that they can both personally and collectively learn to love and protect along with themselves. I realize that would be an enormous change from the way things have been, but it could be a very good change in the long run. This could easily include refuge and recovery for abused and abandoned animals as well of course. It's only when I have a vision like this that I wish I had personal resources to spend. I'd give everything I've got to something like this.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Submission Is NOT Consent

Claiming that submission is a form of consent is as inaccurate as claiming that slavery is a form of immigration.

Stop Blaming Their Excuses

People constantly commit atrocities against each other falsely in the name of either Spirituality and Religion or Science and Technology even though ALL of these directly oppose such atrocities when authentic. BLAMING ANY OF THESE FOR THOSE ATROCITIES IS JUST AS WRONG AS COMMITTING ATROCITIES IN THE NAMES THEREOF AND ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTES TO PERPETUATING THE PROBLEM. It's time people stop shifting blame away from individual choice. People who seek to harm others will use ANYTHING to falsely justify it. They do so because they want dominant control and sadistically feed on the suffering that quantifies it. People who harm others by being too passive tend to be afraid to act, not trusting their resources and/or own judgment even, and/or feel helpless. One of the best examples of this is with Medicine. Prayer without Medicine is Futile because they support each other. Conversely, Medical professionals regularly observe that patients who have Spiritual Support are usually the ones who Heal the Best relative to any given case. Only since WWII when we shredded our identities as People (and even then only in certain parts of the world and not necessarily the most 'civilized' parts) out of at least 30,000 years of practice has common medicine been withdrawn from spiritual support. Just as importantly, the desire for healthcare to be available to everyone is a spiritual altruism regardless of whether that noble intention is coming from an atheist or mystic or whatever. Please stop buying into the bull shit that people hurt each other because of a belief system that is being used inaccurately as an excuse, and restore individual responsibility and accountability for intentions, choices, and actions.

The Sensuality of my Soul

When I am off duty from the busyness of logic and the noble drives of altruism, the sensuality of my Soul takes over, leading me with the psychopomps of art and poetry through the portals and labyrinths of architecture into the dynamic depths of music, while all of this is being simultaneously inspired and devoured by Nature in shifting polyrhythmic harmonies of every hue, shade, scent, shape, and texture. It is this most primal part of me that is Alive and intimately experiencing the world, and thus what senses the essence of being.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Science and Spirituality

I have mentioned this before, and want to reiterate this here more clearly. Contrary to currently popular belief in the USA, Authentic Science is the development of theory through the inductive imagining of an hypothesis, the creative experimentation and thorough observation and contemplation thereof, and the deductive compiling of evidence for and/or against that hypothesis according to creative experimentation, observation, and contemplation (theories tend to branch out as a part of the creative scientific process). This process is never complete but rather ongoing, in which the correlative data SHOULD BE constantly corrected and updated in order to continuously progress in understanding. Thus, thinking 'scientifically' follows this same pattern. This is not to be confused with thinking technically while maintaining technology which is the equally important while opposite byproduct of scientific creativity. Technical Thinking and Scientific Thinking are Complimentary Opposites. Also contrary to currently popular belief in the USA, Authentic Spirituality is the development of belief through the inductive imagining of an hypothesis, the creative experimentation and thorough observation and contemplation thereof, and the deductive compiling of evidence for and/or against that hypothesis according to creative experimentation, observation, and contemplation (theories tend to branch out as a part of the creative spiritual process). This process is never complete but rather ongoing, in which the correlative scriptures SHOULD BE constantly corrected and updated in order to continuously progress in understanding. Thus, thinking 'spiritually' follows this same pattern. This is not to be confused with thinking religiously while maintaining religious practices which is the equally important while opposite byproduct of spiritual creativity. Religious Thinking and Spiritual Thinking are Complimentary Opposites. By definition, Authentic Science and Authentic Spirituality do NOT provide absolute 'facts' and 'truths' but rather EVERMORE EDUCATED UNDERSTANDING to serve as a RELIABLE foundation for both technology and religious practice. FAITH IS TRUSTING THE PROCESS, be it Scientific and/or Spiritual. Additionally contrary to currently popular belief in the USA, Authentic Science and Authentic Spirituality are not (and most likely can not be) in actual conflict with one another. If anything, they guide and support each other. Many, if not most, actual scientists around the world clearly and consistently state that there is no conflict between their scientific work and their spiritual beliefs and are actually excited when they observe cohesive understanding between the two, such as various aspects of Astrophysics correlating so closely with principles of Eastern philosophy and symbolism. Symbolism is prolific and can be very cryptic to laypersons in both Science and Spirituality, and is its own specific field of study known as Symbology. Furthermore, contrary to currently popular belief in the USA, Atheism relies on the Self for guidance exclusively rather than acknowledging and including the additional providence of an External Entity. Atheism is not more or less Scientific than Spiritual Thinking. Atheism is not more or less Spiritual than Scientific Thinking. Atheism can be very Altruistically Progressive. Atheism can alternately be Nihilistically Degrading. Likewise, Science and Spirituality can each / both be either Progressive or Degrading depending on how these Tools for Development are implemented. In this way, Atheism can provide a sort of distinctively clear model for observing how people develop their sentient > conscientious behavior beyond mere intelligent awareness on their own terms (as much as possible in any given context). Last but not least, contrary to currently popular belief in the USA, Fanatics of ANY sort, be it supposedly 'scientific' or 'spiritual' (often erroneously referred to as 'religious') are actually operating in direct contradiction to what they claim to be. ANYONE insisting that their convictions based on their data and/ or scriptures are 'proven absolutely' or 'do not require any proof'' are falling short of even a superficial version of Science / Spirituality and sadly tend to dominate Popular Media.

Reg. my Prev. Post ...

For those familiar with Ol' JC's teachings, I am asserting here that Distinctive Variables are Equally Important to Common Formulas. One of my favorite examples of this is: While ALL of these are Tricksters (archetype formula of HOW ___ is working), Monkey, Snake, Coyote, and Raven are each very DIFFERENT animal totems, and their individual distinctions reveal specific details of WHAT is working.

It's Both

Whilst indulging my sweet potato mash with mixed veggie bowl (no photo) cravings during the latter half of this week and having written a Tanka in the dream I woke from this morning, I am now understanding better the purpose 'My Culture of One' .pdf continues to serve. The new foundation I'm developing still preserves much of the old mechanics / formulas (HOW and often WHY things work for me), much like the common tradition of building a new temple with the inclusion of at least some of the remains of the old temple (especially in its foundation), BUT with importantly distinctive new variables I have been exploring and embracing more recently (WHAT I'm working). An example of Far Eastern formulas with Western variables (thanks to the Old Silk Road) that I keep posting in steadily evolving versions links Taoism, Shinto, Hindu, and Buddhism with BOTH Early Christian / Byzantine Neo-Plantonic Mysticism AND Pre-Christian Animistic Traditions (inc. Shamanism and Witchcraft):
1. God/dess is all substance and being (beyond gender, etc. a la the Tao, etc.), and Self exists through God/dess (this divine Self is known as 'nous'); 2. The Creation is a continuous process, there is purpose in its patterns, and it manifests as a process of realization through perception; 3. There is free-will and self-determination within divine pattern (fate), which is rooted in the immortal soul (body and spirit combined as composed of primordial energy); 4. The relationship between God/dess and Self is based on Love; and 5. The Divine Consciousness within Self must be reconciled with the Psyche and Soul, the soul being the whole unit of Self (body-spirit) and the psyche being the noetic medium for the soul.
Byzantine Hesychasm (hesychazo: to keep stillness) is a mystical tradition of prayer-meditation "available to everyone (to practice), whether he (or she) be of the clergy or of any secular occupation" according to St. Seraphim, and is characterized by focusing the mind through constant repetition of a phrase or word (chanting / mantra) traditionally practiced in solitude. This discipline can culminate with mystical contemplation-union with the Tabor Light / Uncreated Divine Light known as 'Photomos', as well as (animistic > shamanic) ecstatic states, phenomena (including psychic sensing, kinetic ability, etc.), and  Angelic and Saintly (e.g. Apsaras, Devas, Ten, Bodhisattvas, etc.) encounters, as well as communion with Ancestor and Nature Spirits and Totems.
The Noetic Prayer used in Christian Hesychasm …
(English) Lord God, have mercy on me. / (Romanian) Dumnezeu, ai mila de mine.
(Note: 'de' = to / with) Lady Goddess / Doamnazeiţă can also be recognized instead OR for focus on Divine Union of Both. This phrase is focused on in combination with one's breathing during meditation. A Byzantine prayer rope, which is almost identical to the Buddhist mala / juzu (prayer beads), can be used for regulating repetitions, and was the precursor to the later Catholic rosary. The use of the Pran Mudra especially and the Prith(i)vi Mudra occasionally can be found pervasively in Icons, which are similar to Mandalas in many ways.
Bakti is the Hindu tradition of Mystical Love and Devotion for a specific Divinity, which I have been and currently continue experiencing to a personally unprecedented degree for Bendis from my Carpathian ancestral roots. While I honor other Ancestral Deities, Bendis is my personal focus now.
The Scala / Rota (Ladder / Wheel of Transcendence) Model consists of 30 chapters or 'rungs' or 'spokes'  through a spiritually transformative process very similar to Buddhist Principles in summary:
    1–4: Renunciation of society, embracing of solitude, and commitment to spiritual training
    5–7: Penitence, sense of impermanence, and affliction (inc. mourning, debility, etc.) as paths to joy
    8–17: Defeat of vices and acquisition of virtue: meekness, humility, honesty and reserve,
             self-control, purity of intention, generosity, and non-possessiveness
    18–26: Avoidance of the traps of asceticism (laziness, cowardice, pride, mental stagnation) and
             Development of simplicity, sublimity, and sensible discernment.
    27–29: Acquisition of hesychia, or peace of the soul, the stillness of prayer, and of apatheia
             (equanimity with respect to suffering, not to be confused with the modern term 'apathy')
    30     Photomos
For many the best way to embrace this solitude and simplicity is through Nature itself with the Wilderness providing Sanctuary / Naos. This is especially true for me and Bendis!

My First Tanka For This Spring

Where have you gone to?
To explore long lost places
Between now and when.
Will you be returning soon?
Yes, but not as I have been.
~ Mihoshiryu Senninë

(©2017 Irina-Sofia Albamare
All Rights Reserved.)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Starting Over Inside and Out

Recently I shared a .pdf about 'My Culture of One' lifestyle adjustments based mostly on recompiling old info that has worked for me in the past. However, as soon as I shared that, it stopped feeling applicable. As much as I have always loved many aspects of Far Eastern spirituality, healing techniques, and material culture, I have actually been in a process of that steadily slipping away from me, making room for this new focus on integrating my personal Ancestral roots with the Natural environment and collective heritage of my new home Here in SE Louisiana. That photo in my previous post conveys more about what feels good to me now than anything in that .pdf file lol My Horoscope for today reads 'Increased enthusiasm for your favorite project may take you in a new direction, Leo. You could even decide to change careers or life paths in order to devote yourself more fully to doing what you've discovered you love the most. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health should be very good right now. Your quality of life is likely to be improving. Go with the flow.' Furthermore, my Coffee & Tarot Card this morning reads 'Seven of Wands (Valor): Standing courageously for your beliefs in the face of adversity. Fear of failure overcome by the will to succeed. Great obstacles met with determination. Inner strength brought to bear at a critical moment.' In a way, this depicts that anxious and giddy sense of this pivotal moment wherein I am moving away from the adopted and adapted foundation I have relied on for the past 13 years to embrace the creation of a new one using material purely from my own Soul and my developing personal connection with my new Home Here in SELA. I am truly starting over inside and out at this point, and I'm grateful for this refreshing opportunity

One of my all time favorite Goddess images

This is one of my all time favorite Goddess images, an exquisite integration of Hellenic elegance with the enchanting ancient Oaks of Louisiana. I love that She is facing away or rather forward, drawing the viewer into the Mystery of Her Perspective. Someone (not me) photographed this Mystical Moment of Fusion between Art and Nature while having the very good fortune of visiting Afton Villa Gardens in St. Francisville, LA. It is a beautiful place in general. I would certainly like to explore that region some day too. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring in Louisiana

With the Vernal Equinox having occurred Monday morning, I have begun my photo album for Spring in Louisiana this week, which can be viewed here

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Molé Fajitas

More of my current Mexi-Cali cooking: Molé Fajitas. For those who haven't tried Molé before, please understand that it coats everything and looks horrible lol but actually tastes really good!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Moth Portrait added to my Altar

I printed my nearly twice life - sized portrait of the Mărțișor Moth, cut it out, and added it to my Altar.


Great Big Bad Ass Moth

This morning I encountered this Great Big Bad Ass Moth, truly a Grandfather among Moths with His remarkable strength (when I VERY gently examined Him) and well worn wings (the span of my fully outstretched hand). In Romanian folklore, Mara / Mare (Marei when plural) means Grandfather literally and Ancestor figuratively, and is symbolized as the 'White / Pale (Wight) Shadow', the poetic name for Moth. He wanted to stay put and I respected His choice to do so, leaving Him in Peace. I must say this is quite a Blessing actually to encounter this particular Totem on Mărțișor.

Mărțișor Fericit!

Mărțișor Fericit! Below are my Pysanky, Mărțișor, and Matroyshka as presented on my Altar. For the Wiki Quickie, read here