Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Together We Stand

As usual, the Cajun Navy has been doing heroic work, this time in Houston, including fully resuscitating an individual while floating in the flood waters, and risking their own lives in a variety of other ways, including being shot at. With things taking an evermore Eastwardly tilt, we may need them back here at home soon. We knew we'd be ok here in SOLA and SELA until things shift in the second half of this week. We already have flash flooding, which isn't serious right now, but creates a much more precarious context for when the weather could get a lot rougher here. There's still hope we'll get through this mostly unscathed, but everyone here needs to be alert and prepared as well while continuing to be supportive toward Houston. 12 years ago today was Hurricane Katrina. It was only just over a year ago that the North Shore flooded badly for the first time in forever, marking a pivotal change to what we're now dealing with as an ongoing predicament of flash flooding in this region. Plus, our water table has been saturated since June, and Trump fired the head of FEMA just in time for our monsoon / hurricane season to begin. It won't take any category of hurricane to take us out now, just a lot of rain will do the trick, especially with the lack of running pumps (whether they actually work or not) in New Orleans. It's time to dump the divisive attitudes and start caring as a collective community here. Together we stand. Divided we fucking drown.

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