Saturday, September 30, 2017

Halloween 'Spirit' in Old Metairie

I have digitally enhanced this image I photographed of an awesome
Halloween 'Spirit' in Old Metairie during October 2016.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Special Feature: Alienesque

I have created this Special Feature: Alienesque.
This album is composed of my Alienesque scenic photography, digital art, handmade crafts, and more.
Click this link to view:

(example image)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

My New Spirit Doll: Sha'Drow

This evening I have crafted a New Spirit Doll: Sha'Drow ...

Halloween 2016 Dolls in the Garden District

I have digitally enhanced these three images I photographed of Halloween Dolls
 in the Garden District of New Orleans during October 2016.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vive Ankou!

Here is one of my favorite images from when I was photographing Uptown New Orleans during October 2016. Vive Ankou!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Three Spirit Dolls So Far

Here are images I have photographed of the three Spirit Dolls I have crafted in the recent past.

Angematon Spirit Doll I crafted in 2011
Umbrautomaton Spirit Doll I crafted in 2014
Kamiton / Lumiton Spirit Doll 'Miyara' (aka 'Marion') I crafted in 2015

Monday, September 25, 2017

An Autumn Evening at Tulane

Here are images I photographed on the Romanesque Revival Campus of Tulane University during the Autumn of 2015.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

My 2011 Hallowen Laboratory

I am posting a couple of images I photographed of the Faux Laboratory I assemblage - crafted and arranged for Halloween 2011. I am very proud of this project and WISH I had been able to keep it through the extreme life changes I went through during the start of 2013. I would love to produce a new project like this someday.

Third Major Earthquake in Mexico

The 6.2 Earthquake that occurred in Mexico yesterday is actually the THIRD MAJOR EARTHQUAKE IN MEXICO, the First having been 8.1 during Hurricanes Katia (along Mexico's Gulf Coast), IRMA, and José, and the Second having been 7.1 after that, with Hurricane Maria destroying Puerto Rico between. Geological upheaval such as Earthquakes, Volcanoes, etc. are NOT a part of Climate Change. This surge in Geological activity is COINCIDING with Climate Change.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Curse of Aunt Julia Brown

Written By Joseph C. Yarbrough ...
Julia Bernard was born in New Orleans in 1845 and lived there until 1860 when she relocated to the small German farming community of Frenier located in the Manchac Swamp on the shore of Lake Pontachtrain. "Aunt" Julia Brown, as she became known, married a local laborer named Celestin Brown in 1880. Celestin and Julia Brown was granted some 40 acres of land in the Manchac swamps. Aunt Julia Brown practiced voodoo and used her powers and the natural herbs and plants of the swamp to heal the town`s people of Frenier and near by Ruddock for many years. She lead a mysterious and dark life that had many of the town`s people in fear of her. One of the things that put fear in the hearts of people was Aunt Julia Brown would sit on her porch and sang: "When I die I`m gonna take the whole town with me." She was known to sang this chant over and over. Some saw this chant as a curse to the town of Frenier and it`s people. Celestin Brown died in 1914 and was buried in the Frenier Cemetery in the swamp. The following year would finally prove Julia Brown`s curse on the town of Frenier. Aunt Julia Brown died on September 28, 1915. As her body lie in her home and the town`s people came in to show their respects, the weather outside her home grew worst as the wind began to hewl and the rain poured down. The waters from near by Lake Pontachtrain quickly swept into the town of Frenier. Within a matter of several hours the town of Frenier was destroyed by the 1915 Hurricane. Half of the town`s people were killed and there was not one single building left standing. The near by railroad was also washed away. After the hurricane subsided, the survivors began recovering the dead bodies for burial. Aunt Julia Brown`s coffin was never found. It washed out into the swamps. Because there was no lumber to build coffins, the towns dead were taken into the swamp and buried. The town of Frenier never rebuilt to the thriving community it was before Aunt Julia Brown`s death. Today all remains is a small number of houses, a boat launch, and a restaurant. Do you believe in the; " Curse of Aunt Julia Brown"?

a couple of my Faux sightings

Here are a couple of the FAUX Sighting images I've created to start a Charmingly Spooky Autumn ...

The Legendary Serpent of Lake Pontchartrain
The Legendary Ghost Lights of the Bayous

Choctaw Folklore

In Native Choctaw folklore of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, the Nalusa Falaya (Long Dark Being) is a tall Shadow - Person with slanted eyes, long nose, and long pointed ears, much like both a Dark Elf and a Dark Wolf combined as a sort of Faerie Werewolf comparable with the Loup-garou > Rougarou, and can stretch and slither along the ground like a Shadow Serpent. The Nalusa Falaya protects the Forest by frightening away hunters and treefellers. The Shadow Serpent form is a smaller version of the Great Horned Serpent called Sinti Lapitta. The aspect of the Nalusa Falaya known as Nalusa Chito or Impa Shilup will even use fear to feed on a person's soul like a psychic vampire. The Hashok Okwa Hui'ga (Grass Water Drop) is like a will-o-the-wisp or Fae / Ghost light comparable with the Fifolet, which frequently accompany the Nalusa Falaya just as the Fifolet frequently accompany the Rougarou. The Kashehotapalo is a combination of man and deer who also protects the Forest by frightening hunters and is comparable with Cernunnos. Okwa Naholo / Oka Nahullo (White People of the Water) are Water Dwellers within the Forests and along the Coast. Hoklonote can take on any shape it desires and can read people's thoughts. It is probable that the Nalusa Falaya and related beings are the remains of Early Ancestors. Every person has a Shilombish (External Shadow or Spirit) and a Shilup (Internal Shadow or Soul). Upon Death, the Shilup / Soul Shadow joins the Realm of the Ancestors, while the Shilombish / Spirit Shadow remains in this Realm as a Faerie - Ghost and can take many forms, such as that of an Owl, Fox, or other. In Choctaw folklore, the Forest Dwellers (Faeries) are known as Kowi anuskasha or else simply as Bohpoli (Thrower). The Bohpoli protect the Forest and are only visible to Medicine People and Healers. They frequently teach these people as children the secrets of Medicine and Spirit. Shamans and Witches are called Nanishtahullo. In the Beginning the Great Mother Mound of Nanih Waiya was built on a spot indicated by using a tall pole, guided by the Great Spirit called Nanapesa, with the Bones of the Ancestors. Then through the Mound's Tomb > Womb of ReBirth, the Choctaw and Chickasaw Peoples Emerged and became Neighbors. Sacred Mound sites have always been protected by the Shadow People of the Forest.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria on the front page of the National Hurricane Center.

Another Major Earthquake in Mexico

Mexico has already been hit with a Second Earthquake. This one was 7.1 instead of 8.1 like the one that just hit recently during Hurricane Irma.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Dark Mother

The Dark Moon in Virgo will occur tonight at 11:30pm our time here in NOLA. When this happens every year it always makes me think of Death and ReBirth through the Tomb > Womb of the 'Dark' (Cosmic / Earth) Mother Goddess, especially depicted as the Black Madonna figures and images found throughout Europe and in many other places around the world. The three categories distinguishing these are: 1. (throughout the world outside of Europe) dark brown or black Madonnas with physiognomy and skin pigmentation intentionally matching that of the local indigenous population; 2. (throughout Europe) various art media that have blackened from deterioration, accumulated smoke from cadnles and incense, aging, weathering, etc.; and 3. (throughout the world including Europe) unexplained phenomenon. They recall the Dark Mother Goddess remembered as Mat Syra Zemlya (Slavic), Zemele (Dacian), Spenta Armaiti (Persian), Kali Ma (Indian), and many others. I have kept a laminated prayer card of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa for many years now, usually on my Altar in my room.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ok Today

Here is a photo from the fortune cookie fortune I got over this past weekend. After a good night's sleep, I now sit here, enjoying the first Morning Mug of Chicory and French Roast Café au Lait I've drunk in months. I feel relaxed and re-energized both physically and psychologically. My body is functioning in a healthy normal way this morning for the first time this year. I'm even pain free at the moment. Here in a bit, when I've finished my morning duties, I'll enjoy working out and doing some yoga while I do a load of laundry. Later I'll get outside in the fresh air and enjoy a walk somewhere Enchanting. I'm not hoping or trying to feel ok today. I actually AM ok today, and I'm relishing every moment of that. Santé!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Irma Last Night

Once inland last night along the Georgia-Alabama border, Hurricane Irma lost strength. Remnants of Irma continue to effect weather conditions throughout the South-East, while flooding and related problems continue in Florida. José has diverted to the North-East away from the upper Caribbean and should dissipate back out in the Atlantic Ocean. Eastern Texas, much of Florida, and where even possible in the upper Caribbean will be trying to recover from Harvey and Irma for some time.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Hurricane Irma has been taking an evermore Westwardly tilt and will most likely go inland into Alabama tonight after finishing with Florida today. Should things go that way, Eastwardly Evacuations will no longer be an option, just as Westwardly Evacuations are no longer an option due to the extensive damages already done to Eastern Texas by Hurricane Harvey. This means that from here on, ALL Potential Louisiana Evacuations MUST be to the North [northern Louisiana, Arkansas (inc. Ouachita and Ozark Mountains), and Missouri (Ozark Mountains)]. This hurricane season has been seeing an unprecedented amount of EvacuSTAYtion meaning that there is no where safe and resource viable to evacuate to. It's important to have a Nearby Hunker Down in the Rough Contingency because of this. While it's looking like Hurricane Katia has actually dissipated at this point as predicted Saturday, giving Mexico a break to focus on the horrific damages from its huge earthquake, Hurricane José is expected to hang about the devastated remains of the upper Caribbean for few days, keeping the Gulf locked in. I never EVER pray for Nature to changes Its ways. I DO, however, ALWAYS pray, that We the People change ours so that we might understand and live more naturally and thus truest to our own being. Peace in Troubled Times X

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Elimination of DACA is Unforgivable

In the USA, if you're not 100% Native American, then there is a 99% likelihood that you are the descendant of immigrants seeking refuge here (including MOST of the original Colonial labor force) and/or slaves imported against their will by the elite "1%" class that continues to oppress everyone else even now. It is a complete failure of Modern American Government that DACA has been eliminated. No True American Patriot can possibly support the entirely unethical actions of the CURRENT Federal Government of the USA, including the elimination of DACA.

The Mixed Message

When filling out forms for the Census, Health Care, Employment, Education, etc., in the USA, one is consistently provided with this extremely limited selection with very little variation for demographic purposes: White / Caucasian (Not Hispanic), Hispanic, Black / African, Asian, Native American, and if one is very fortunate, Filipino and/or Polynesian. THERE IS NO OPTION FOR MIXED, aside from “Hispanic”, which is an inaccurate term frequently replaced by the equally inaccurate term “Latino” rather than the much more accurate term Mestizo, meaning a complete and permanent mix of Native Mesoamerican and South American Tribal and specifically Iberian (Spanish and/or Portuguese) Colonial heredity. THE PREDOMINANCE OF MIXED POPULATION IN THE USA IS CONCEALED AND SUPPRESSED BY FORCING CITIZENS TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HEREDITIES rather than simply allowing individuals to check off All That Apply. In some cases there is the provision for Other _______ , but this is intended for specific groups like Jewish or Romani / Tsigane rather than as an opportunity for citizens to write out All That Apply, and if one does, those details are typically ignored. Only that Other was checked off is typically accounted for. What is much more accurate than these completely self-defeating demographic lists is to simply acknowledge that MOST OF THE POPULATION OF THE USA IS MIXED. Let's start by eliminating some offensive outdated terminology. People are not White, Black, Yellow, or Red. People of European heredity do NOT originate from the Caucasus, but rather from a region near the Altai Mountains in North – Central Asia and were displaced by ancient Mongol Turkic Tribes a very long time ago, a displacement that eventually generated the Urnfield, Halstatt, and finally La Tene Celtic Tribal Groups throughout Europe. The much earlier Cro-Magnon Peoples found primarily in Northern Spain, France, and Southern Germany had EurAsian characteristics that preclude both European and Asian ethnospecivity. Furthermore, there have been Asians and Africans in Europe since the Roman Empire because of the Old Silk Road and related Spice Routes combined Global Economy, and this aspect of Europe's population was further developed during later European Colonization. ALL of the genetic traits that specify a “European Appearance” are recessive traits ALL HUMAN BEINGS POSSESS that came to the fore in the small isolated region of Europe, which is the only false 'continent' on the globe being more an adjacent geological extension between Africa and Asia. More than 80% of all possible Human genetic traits are still found on the African continent today, the widest spectrum in the world, and only part of the mass of hard physical evidence that Human Beings originated there. Returning the focus to the Population of the USA, aside from the enormous Mestizo Population, most “White” / “European” Americans recognize that they in fact have some Native American heredity as well. The problem is that most are only aware of a few names of Native American Tribes and so they typically choose Cherokee, which is completely inaccurate. Conversely, NEARLY ALL people who claim Native American heredity are significantly mixed with European heredity, but are forced to suppress that part of their ancestry in order to fight for the survival of what little remains of their horrifically oppressed and mostly genocidally eliminated Native American heritage. This type of suppression due to oppression is also true of African Americans, and has been for almost as long, while worse still, those who claim European American heredity are typically encouraged to avoid acknowledging ANY African heredity at all even though in MANY parts of the USA African Americans and European Americans are MUCH more Mixed than anyone admits despite that being immediately obvious historically. Just here in New Orleans alone, EVERY body that has been successfully exhumed from the oldest cemetery St. Peter's (which predates the oldest extant cemetery St. Louis No. 1) in the French Quarter has been genetically tested and proven to be MIXED during the earliest decades of Colonial settlement here in the 18th Century (1700's). Currently there are increasing populations of Asian Americans intermarrying with ALL of the above. TYPICALLY WE SOCIALLY CATEGORIZE EACH OTHER ETHNICALLY BY OUR APPEARANCES, BUT OUR APPEARANCE IS THE LEAST SIGNIFICANT ASPECT OF OUR ACTUAL GENETIC MAKEUP. THE MODERN PERPETUATION OF FALSE ETHNIC DIVISIONS THROUGH COMPLETELY INACCURATE DEMOGRAPHICS IS PART OF THE VERY CORE OF SYSTEMIC OPPRESSION. We MUST acknowledge ALL Mixed Heredities and Unite Here and Now.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Early Colonial American Slavery

The horrific evils of the mass importation of slaves from African countries to the European Colonies in North America during the 18th century (1700's) were en par with the mass enslavings perpetrated by the Roman Empire in European history and the Mongol Horde in Asian history (including much of Eastern Europe), including all manner of exploitations, degradations, and violations ALWAYS attending slavery, while distinctly including the Relocation of the slaves in these three cases, effectively cutting them off from their Roots. Prior to pivotal changes in European government (especially in France) in1682, during the Early Colonial Period of North America of the 17th Century (1600's) that actually began in 1492, ALL imported slaves were European (“Whites”, as well as some Asian 'Gypsies' / Romani / Tsigane Tribes who had already been enslaved primarily for sex and to a lesser degree labor when migrating into Europe in previous centuries), and ALL locally abducted slaves were Native American because they composed the entire local population. During this Early Colonial Period, European Slaves were distinct from European Indentured Servants. At that time, indentured servitude had a time limit and was a normal part of apprenticeship in the trades such as in the British Colonies of New England. After seven years, the young man was allowed to run and profit from his own business as a tradesman, have some sort of private residence, and to marry. If he died, his wife might be permitted to briefly run his business until their eldest son took ownership of it. In contrast, European slaves were slaves for life and this never culminated toward any sort of rights or resources, which served as the foundation for how the slaves imported fom African countries were treated during the following century. However, European slaves during the Early Colonial Period were often provided with an extremely brief basic “education” or training so as not to be completely incompetent at the tasks being forced upon them, a privilege not afforded to African Slaves imported during the following century. Just like later African Slaves, Native American Slaves were originally sold to European Colonists in Eastern North America by Tribes who had conquered and enslaved other neighboring Tribes until European Colonial Populations and Technology had advanced enough to overcome African and Native American Tribes as a whole by force and slaughter. In general, Early Colonial America was a rough and wild place in contrast to Industrializing and already increasingly more Polluted Europe. Colonists got by with cultural customs and technologies associated more with the Middle Ages and the Renaissance at best rather than the contemporary Baroque, and this did not change until after 1682. Thus, the Europeans, once free of European Society, trying to survive in Early Colonial America were marginally semi-tribal in many ways that recall the collectively ancient Celtic ancestry of most of Europe. In this colonial beginning, there were as many alliances as there were conflicts with native Americans, and oppression of men was met out regardless of ethnicity by men with more wealth and/or power on all sides. Women and children of any ethnicity had no rights or resources of their own at all, and were frequently treated just as badly as slaves IF they weren't already slaves by official classification. European and/or Native American Men interested in a better way of life for themselves and/or perhaps even their families occasionally broke away from those Colonial Conditions to try their skills on their own in the Wilderness, such as the Appalachians, AN ACT THAT WAS EXPLICITY FORBIDDEN AND ILLEGAL AT THAT TIME, but seeded the 'spirit' of Pioneering in North America that would later bring the West into the USA during the Mid-1800's, two centuries later.

People of Color

The French term 'Les Gens de Couleur', which means the People of Color when translated to English, was originally created here in the Greater New Orleans Area by the land and slave owning 'elite' class of French and Spanish Colonists to specifically identify the part of the population that was MIXED Part “White” (European) AND Part “Black” (African), clearly distinguishing them from the “Negros” (“Blacks”), people of NO “White” ancestry. The Spanish term for this mixed group is “Mulatto”. The People of Color were bred via outright rape or else contracts of placage, a form of mistress marriage. NO WOMAN OF ANY ETHNICITY REGARDLESS OF HER HUSBAND'S WEALTH AND/OR STATUS EVER LEGALLY OWNED ANYTHING PRIOR TO THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY IN AMERICA. However, MEN of Color were legally entitled to an education even in Europe if so desired, all types of properties including “Black” slaves, and the right to engage in and profit from business dealings. MEN of Color did, in fact, represent the Beginning Middle Class in New Orleans, having higher status and more rights than the French, Spanish, and primarily German Labor and Sharecroppers (called 'Metairie' in French, and having roles elevated slightly above slavery here ALMOST more en par with indentured servitude) imported during the Colonial Period. This remained true until the Mid-1800's when the Immigration Boom occurred as many lower class Europeans were fleeing the Nationalist conflicts within their originating countries. Tens of Thousands of New Germans, as well as Irish, Italians and Sicilians arrived in New Orleans, and while many, especially German, families succeeded in expanding the Middle Class here, most of those families ended up joining the impoverished labor forces of the lower class JUST LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE THEY IMMIGRATED TO IN AMERICA. When slavery was finally abolished in the USA, three decades LATER THAN EVERYWHERE ELSE and even then only as a Civil War strategy, the NORTH did NOT come through on ANY of their promises to Freed Slaves. Just as many “Black” families have been allowed to die or outright slaughtered in the NORTH since then as in the SOUTH, and most continue as a significant part of some of the poorest classes in the USA today. There were NO charities or efforts toward relieving the suffering of these families until the Civil Rights Movement that began A HUNDRED YEARS AFTER the Abolition of Slavery, a movement many of us regardless of ethnicity continue to fight for even now as ALL Civil Rights are threatened, including by those spreading mis and DIS information regarding the origins of Systemic Oppression here in the USA in an attempt to keep ethnicities and classes divided in ways that ensure the Failure of Civil Rights Progress. Furthermore, this specific issue is distinct to the Eastern Half of North America. In the Western Half of North America, there were NO “Black” (African) slaves. ALL slaves were “Red” (Native American), those who had survived the small pox epidemics and otherwise mass slaughterings that composed the bulk of the GENOCIDE committed against them, and all of them belonged to the Spanish Colonial Missions. The Metis, people of both European and Native American ancestry represent nearly all of the tiny remainder of that population today and still have NO rights in regards to their Native Heritage ANYWHERE in the USA. During the Mid-1800's, the labor force of the West elevated just slightly above slavery was composed of “Yellows” (Asians, especially Chinese). SEX SLAVERY I the West has persisted long after the Abolition of Slavery, and remains composed almost entirely of “Whites” and “Yellows”, being that there aren't enough “Reds” left in existence to be sucked into the modern version of Sex Slavery Hell, which had been started using Native Families. Thousands of Escaped or Freed “Black” Slaves fled to the West to join the impoverished lower working classes. They composed 28% of the original population of Los Angeles. “Mammie” Mary Ellen Pleasant, who has legendary status en par with New Orlean's Marie Laveau who was also “Colored” rather than “Black” (ALL authentic Voodoo 'Queens' in America ALWAY have been), helped import thousands during the Mid to Late 1800's to San Francisco, and has been regarded as the First Civil Rights Activist in California. ALL of those “Black” families joined the ranks of the impoverished working class otherwise composed of “Whites” and “Yellows”, while “Reds” were sent to “reservations” and left to die in squalor with no rights or resources. THE TRUTH IS MOST MODERN AMERICANS ARE MIXED LOWER CLASS, AND TOO MANY OF ANY ARE TOO POOR. We are ALL People of Color here and now.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Enjoy and Employ this Labor Day Weekend Lull

Having just inexplicably (the weather news providing the 'dry air mix' BS was NOT use of authentic science which this strange shift in our area actually defies) experienced nothing more than high winds here the past couple of days right when we should have been getting the worst rain, there is now a bit of a lull whilst awaiting what Irma decides to do. I encourage local folks to check out Labor Day Weekend Sales on Evac Packs, Camping and Hiking Gear, etc. if you have a bit of shopping money. I hope everyone enjoys a great weekend and continues to be inspired in MANY ways by the ongoing Houston Situation!